Noirfoot Narative Labs

Noirfoot School For Cinematic Arts

Noirfoot Narrative Labs is a capacity building initiative designed to be inclusive, dynamic, practical, and relevant to industry standards. Our target participants are youth and adults from diverse backgrounds from all over the world, with an emphasis on working with Indigenous youth, people of colour, women, and members of the LGBTQ communities. Our aim is to teach provide hands-on experience in a wide range of filmmaking and digital media practices, while inspiring a new generation of filmmakers and digital storytellers.

The Noirfoot Narrative Labs will be a catalyst for new filmmakers to identify an interest in filmmaking and potentially pursue a career in the growing film industry. For emerging filmmakers and digital media artists, it will be a rare opportunity to benefit from direct access to mentorship from established industry professionals in small group settings. For mid career and established filmmakers and digital media artists, it will be an opportunity to collaborate, experiment, and share new and innovative filmmaking techniques. The 5-day crash course film school was established in 2016, and will continue to seek great partners like Telus Storyhive and William F. Whites. Help us bring Noirfoot Narrative Labs to your community.